Parametric Runs bug in 3.63 Beta?

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Hi all,

I'm using parametric runs to create an efficiency package based on prioritizing select energy efficiency measures in order of greatest energy savings when compared to a baseline building. Some of my efficiency measures are modeled using a new INP file, which the parametric run references in 3.63. My results are not coming out as expected, and even the baseline run is being modified with characteristics of a reference INP file. Has anyone else had buggy issues related to this feature in the latest version of eQUEST? I'm looking for guidance on how I can model the desired package of EEMs.


Allison Rutter

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Are you using the Energy Efficiency Measures Wizard?

I have experienced a bug with eQUEST 3.63 while using the EEM Wizard. When
I change my Air-Side System Type for a Whole Site/Building EEM, eQUEST
automatically closes.

Can anyone duplicate this?


David Knifton, P.E.

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