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If anyone would mind taking a moment to look at the following I would
greatly appreciate it.

I am aware that the outside air quantity listed in the Outside Air
Summary Report in eQuest is not necessarily the total outside air of a
specific unit because that report does not make adjustments to account
for total system air balance (i.e. exhaust air, etc). So I looked in
the SV-A Report to determine the 'true' outside air quantity for my
particular system. Now for my confusion, if I sum up the individual
outside air flows for each zone under my system (AHU-4 in particular) it
totals 8,554 cfm which is basically the same as the Summary Report
(8,551 cfm). Where I am confused is the Outside Air Ratio in the SV-A
Report indicates 0.537 which if I use the system supply air of 20,100
cfm would indicate 10,794 cfm of outside air. So how much outside air
is really in this system? Or is this the ratio at the minimum heating
flow since it is VAV? If this is true, do one of the sim reports
indicate what the minimum flow is or what the outdoor airflow (in cfm)
is rather than the ratio since I do not know what the program is taking
the ratio of?

Thanks in advance for any comments!

Alison Staudinger P.E., LEED AP

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