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Hamish Learmonth

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Announcing a great opportunity to get trained without leaving your seat by
attending 1-day DesignBuilder Software CFD Training Webinar on January 28,
2011 (10 am - 3pm EST).

DesignBuilder CFD has been especially designed to provide data on airflow
and temperature distribution in and around buildings using the same methods
as the general purpose pure CFD packages, but at a fraction of the cost and
without the need for specialist knowledge. Using conventional CFD packages
for building airflow analysis can be a time consuming task requiring very
careful attention to setting up the correct geometry and boundary
conditions. Using CFD in DesignBuilder simplifies this process hugely by
automatically providing the geometry and boundary conditions. Temperatures,
heat flows and flow rates previously calculated by EnergyPlus can be
seamlessly used to provide boundary conditions simply by specifying the
time/date of the CFD analysis.

For more details about DesignBuilder CFD:


The objective of this workshop is to provide a general overview and
introduction to DesignBuilder CFD software for both internal and external
analysis. The trainees will learn to quickly setup a building model, create
assemblies, change the grid settings, import E+ calculated temperatures, air
velocities etc and assign boundary conditions, run CFD simulation and
analyze the results.

For more information and registration:



Mahabir Bhandari, Ph.D., LEED AP BD+C

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