No Roof Conduction Load in LS-C Building Peak Load Components Report

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I'm wondering if my old eyes and not so trusty tri-focals are playing tricks on me.

Although I'm waiting on arch section detail drawings, I'm building an elementary school model in DD wizard mode using the outline of the building and spaces from a hard copy paint and carpet renovation set of drawings and guessing at the wall and roof section construction based on the vintage of the building. Although the main building has a lot of small, angled exterior walls, it essentially can be looked at as a simple rectangle with perimeter and core zones. I've assigned a shell for the classrooms, library/computer lab/auditorium, restrooms, janitor closets, a second shell (as a "notched" or corner area of the rectangle) for the Admin. section of the building as it operates during the summer while the rest of the school is closed, and a number of portable buildings as shells. HVAC is rooftop package units and Bard style wall pack heat pumps for the portable buildings.

I'm getting some funny results trying to do a preliminary calibration to historical consumption and demand and the LS-C report shows no roof conduction load. It does show all the other load components.

Has anyone run into this or have any suggestions?

Thank you.

Mike Busman

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Do you have plenums? If so the roof load will show under the plenum.
Bruce Easterbrook P.Eng.

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