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Hey Nick,
I couldn't find MAX-CAP/UNIT in the interface and I believe it was just overlooked. You can modify the necessary file to include it as follows:

* Find the BDLDialogs.txt file in Documents -> eQUEST 3-65-7175 Data -> ScreensDOE23
* Save a backup copy of the file with a different name.
* Edit the BDLDialogs.txt file:
* Using a text editor, search for: LABEL, "Rated and Design Conditions - Cooling"
* Insert the following lines of text immediately preceding the LABEL line:
; WJB 11/09/18 - added new input field
EDIT, 19460, 19460, 0, 1, SYSTEM, 0, MAX-CAP/UNIT, 0, STD, 580, 55, 23, 70, 0, 3, "Max Capacity per Unit:", LEFT, -145, 5, 1, LEFT, 4, 5,"Maximum size per indoor unit. Used for modeling of branch refrigerant piping. Affects thermal and friction losses."

* Save the BDLDialogs.txt file.
* Run eQUEST as you normally would.

Your VRF Coil tabpage should now look like this:
[cid:image002.png at 01D4785B.F54E1840]

I believe your understanding of NUM-OF-UNITS is correct.


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I have improved upon Bill's solution:
[cid:image001.png at 01D47C3D.E0723F60]

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