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Im struggling mightily to model a building that has combines multiple rooms,
each with their own baseboard heat, on one VAV unit. I'm still in DD mode
while im trying to figure this out. I didn't want to just draw these rooms
as one but i just cant find a system to best approximate it.


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Brian - there's an example given in the eQUEST training workbook, "eQUEST Energy Simulation Training for Design & Construction Professionals", chapter 3.

What I sometimes do is if I have a .pdf of the floor plan with the zoning pattern, I'll import to AutoCAD, trace the building outline and zones, scale the tracing to match the floor area, then import to eQUEST; where I can trace the custom zones through wizard screen 2 of the shell component.

If you already have an AutoCAD file of the floor plan, if it's not too "busy", you can just import that directly.

I've found this easiest if I make sure the scale is accurate in AutoCAD before trying to import to eQUEST.

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