More than 2 system types in HVAC

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Dear All,
I am simulating a 175000 sq ft office building in Houston that has a chilled water supply for cooling and electric reheat for heating. This office building has series fan powered boxes in the offices, VAV with electric reheat in the restrooms and fan coil units and no reheat in the mechanical units.
1. Is there a way to simulate all 3 different system types in eQUEST? If so, how do we go about doing it in the detailed mode?
I tried assigning a system to a particular zone but it does not link to components.
2. 17% of hours are not within throttling range when the entire office building is just simulated with fan powered boxes. The perimeter zones are undercooled. However, I am not sure if an additional PIU can be installed in eQUEST to all the zones.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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