Modifying Weather Files (in .FMT format)

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Greetings, all!

I'm experimenting with weather files, specifically looking to be able to
change one or two inputs before use in eQuest.

By consulting the rest of the archive, I learned how to use the converter on
the DOE2 website to convert a .bin file into a .fmt file, which is very
useful. I can also open the .fmt file using notepad and (sometimes?) modify
the inputs in that file format. But since these files contain an entire
year's worth of data, I'm looking for a simpler way to open, modify, and
correctly save the file so that I can then convert it back into .bin format
for use with eQuest.

If anyone is familiar with the best way to speed up this process--or if you
know whether it's even a possibility--please let me know.


-Taylor Sharpe

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