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Dear all,
Please, there is someone who know how to model overhangs like in the picture
attached here?
Thank you for any assistance.

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Hey, that is one of my projects! I would recognize that one anywhere! What you
are showing in the picture are not overhangs, they are shading devices. They
are created using "Building Shades" or "Fixed Shades". On that particular
project it was very difficult and time consuming placing so many shading devices
(due to the complex geometry and orientation). On a simpler geometry, it should
not be a bit easier. The shades can be found in the "Building Shell" tab.


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Shading is pretty complicated sometimes. I recently wrote a blog about
simplifying a similar shading item in eQUEST:

is pretty technical, but it has worked for me in the past.


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You might find a guide I posted a little while ago useful. It detailed
how to approach complicated exo-skeleton structures... Note that
building shades themselves have the restrictions of being (1) rectangles
and (2) un-tiltable, so that's why I went through the extra steps to
create the shades as walls assigned to a dummy space.

If the goal is ultimately to produce a series of rectangles, I'd
recommend creating a series of building shades however for
sanity/simplicity's sake... =)

I've copied the guide and preceding discussion below for your


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