Modelling Mitsubishi VRF systems in eQUEST

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Hello All,

I am modelling Mitsubishi VRF systems in eQUEST and I need part load
performance curves for the following outdoor units -

1) PURY-P336
2) PURY-P312
3) PURY-P216
4) PURY-P144

Please send me the .inp file /performance curves.

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Hi Syed,
The attached input file provided by Mitsubishi contains a single set of performance curves for modeling their VRF in eQUEST, as referenced in their Application Note 2023 dated Feb. 2014. It is a complete input file, so you can see the other inputs they chose to model the systems. Let me know if you want the .pd2 file to open it as a model.
You might also try modeling this in the new eQUEST 3.65 v7174 running in DOE-2.3, which has expanded VRF capabilities among other improvements.

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