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Dear eQuest users,
Let me add some more info and some conclusions to the former post on
'modelling DOAS':
The thermal error introduced in the dummy zone by its difference of
temperature with OA can be reduced by increasing ACH in the dummy zone
to a very high value (and increasing COOL-TEMP-SCH to get rid of these
fictious loads). But then eQuest oversizes the DOAS fan, which will work
at part load with its real flow.
When introducing ECO and ERV the results show increased errors in
comparison with the reference case without DOAS (besides, there is a
high variety of results depending on where ECO and ERV are placed).
These results are using PZS or HVSYS for the DOAS.
As a conclussion I think that there is no way to model the DOAS in
eQuest keeping a minimum guaranty of accuracy on the results. I could be
missing something in the many trials I did (I would be thankful if
someone else indicates me other possibilities I didn't take into
account), but anyway, the fact of not having at hand the possibility of
having a look on what is the software really doing in each case, and
having to guess it from interpreting the detailed reports, it is by
itself a very error prone procedure that doesn't give many guaranties on
modelling accuracy.

*Xavier Garc?a Casals*

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