Modeling Window, Infiltration....NEED HELP!!

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I'm a new user. I'm trying to do a few measures to a building model in
Pennsylvania (using DD Wizard):

1. single glass replacement with double glass
2. Infiltration reduction

The results:

1. There's not much energy savings from single to double. This is a 17
story ofc building with a good amount of glass. Doesn't seem to make

2. The baseline when I change the infiltration (cfm/sf) went up in
cooling a little bit and a little savings in heating. What is going

When I combined the new double glass and reduction in infiltration, the
savings is not doubling. It came out the same as infiltration
improvement only.

Then, I also have another model of a museum and an archive building in
PA. The heating is undersized for the building so I specify this btu
and gpm in the HW plant. Turn the heating off during May 15-Oct 15.
The monthly end use graph still show space heating in the summer and the
graph is flat. It should have a trend of more in the winter and less in
the summer. What is going on??? I'm so frustrated. And I have a
deadline to the client this week. Help...

Angelina Kalianda, PE, CEM

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