Modeling VRV and Turbocor

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I read a while back on the listserv a question of how to successfully
model a VRV system in eQuest, but didn't find any replies in the
achieve. I am curious as to if any users have been able to successfully
model this type of system since then? Specifically, I would like to
model a Daikin VRV III system. In the case of my system, there are two
refrigerant "branches" on one outdoor unit, where all of the indoor
units on the same "branch" have to be in the same mode. (Heating or
cooling) I then have a second outdoor unit with three "branches" which
does not exchange heat with the first. My best guess as to how to get
close would be to use two separate WSHP systems, but not having a proper
unloading curve for the inverter compressor is of particular concern to

Second, I would like to model a Turbocor chiller, and, again, do not
have access to the proper unloading curves of such a unique compressor.
Has anyone successfully modeled a Turbocor and/or generated a Turbocor

Thanks in advance for guidance/advice/replies.

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