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Dear all,

Is it possible to model transfer air in eQuest? I am working on a 4-story school located in NY. The building consists of classrooms, offices, and a student cafeteria adjacent to a kitchen on the ground floor.

The kitchen is serviced by one air handling HVAC unit; a kitchen hood is also provided that is connected to a kitchen hood exhaust fan. The general kitchen spill air will exceed the rooftop HVAC unit's outside air intake so as to negatively pressurize the kitchen. A transfer duct is provided between the kitchen and student cafeteria. Student cafeteria spill air, otherwise directly exhausted to the outside, will be transferred to the kitchen and will function as kitchen hood exhaust fan makeup.

How can I account for air transfer to the kitchen in eQuest? Also, am I required to model the exhaust flow at the zone level for the Kitchen and Cafeteria for this assessment?


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