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I have a 3 story building, 2 of which are above grade and have the same
footprint, 1 is below grade and a different footprint.

I have modeled it in Equest using the wizard and all 3 floors are
currently the same footprint size. Is there a way I can 'shrink' the
basement floor to make it a smaller footprint then the floors above it?


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Leave out the below grade floor for the building shell on wizard screen
1. Then create a new shell "immediately below" the other shell (as
selected on screen 1). Alternatively, you can "Specify Exact
Coordinates" such as (0,0,-12). This shell will have 0 above grade and 1
below grade floor. Change the footprint on screen 2.

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You can create separate "shells" for each footprint that is different. You need to be in the DD Wizard and create new shells as indicated below:
[cid:image003.jpg at 01CA8F68.ADF18DA0]
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