Modeling a Campus and District Plants

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We have a project that is a campus of 5 buildings, a central chilled water plant, and a CHP plant (CHP plant not part of the model).? Each building will be LEED certified and therefore will need separate energy performance data.? If all of the buildings plus the chilled water plant are built into one eQuest file, it looks to me like there is no easy way to separate out the energy use results by building.? It looks like it just takes the aggregate usage and combines it into one report (at least in the BEPS/BEPU reports I looked at).? Anyone know if there is a way to separate out each building if they are in one file?? The reason I was wanting to put the buildings into one file is to capture the dynamic loading on the chilled water plant to more accurately model the plant.? Also, I was thinking that shading from adjacent buildings might be accounted for by having all the buildings in one file.

My alternative approach would be to build a separate model for each building and assign a chilled water meter (and hot water meter for the CHP) to get chilled water usage.? Then build a separate model for the chilled water plant and create a virtual building that approximates the total load of all 5 buildings (not looking forward to that).? We are looking at Simergy to see if we can run all buildings in one file and get separate reports by building, which it seems to handle.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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