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Dear all,
I am trying to model a building with 4 floors and 2 basements with eQUEST. I
succeffuly imported the .dwg file and modeled the above grade part but i
have aproblem with the below grade since it doesnt have the same shape as
the ground floor.
Please provide me with your advice as soon as possible.
Thank you

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I am not clearly what is exactly your problem,.

And if you pay, I can answer your question AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

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You will need to make a separate shell for the below grade levels. You can do this in the design development wizard. When creating the below grade shell, you will be able to import another .dwg file for the layout. The above grade and below grade levels may be aligned with their respective coordinates.
Brad Huff, E.I.T.

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You need to model basement as a separate shell from the other 4 floors. You then need to change "Exposure" on wizard screen 3/25 for the above grade floors to "Over Conditioned Space (adiabatic)".

That should be all you need.

Jeff Seger, EIT

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