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I'm modeling a building that has campus steam and chilled water. We
have documentation from them showing what their steam and chilled water
costs are. I have created separate steam and chilled water meters and I
am unsure of what the "billing unit thermal value", "billing units
label" and "source-to-site eff" are. eQuest defaults are listed on the
meter properties tab...but no explanation is shown. Also, where do I
input the steam and chilled water costs?

Does anyone know what all that means?

Amy Harmon

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Regarding the rates -- on the economics tab, you can create new rates of
type steam and chilled water. The billing thermal unit value is how
many BTUs in the billing unit -- i.e. 100,000 BTUs if the billing unit
is Therms. The billing units label is the code from the table LV-M at
the very top of your .sim file (e.g. 30 for Therms). Site to source is
essentially an exergy conversion ... see help file for a better explanation.

Hope this helps.

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