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When calibrating a model is there any way to match the reports to the
actual billing period? Some billing periods are 34 days some are 28
days and they never match a calendar month (reads in the middle of the
month etc.). It seems like this would be required functionality for
retrofits. I am not kind of stumped. Thanks.

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You can look at the hourly reports of kW and gas (export to Excel) and
break it up on your own to match that of your actual billing periods.


Jonathan M. Curtin, EIT, LEED(r) AP

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Here is something I picked up from an "unimpeachable" source. Put your own PS-E in the first Tab, and your billing data with the days in the 3rd Tab.

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I'll have to look some more at the spreadsheet from the "unimpeachable"

You might also find the following useful. Look at

and scroll down until you reach "Utility Consumption Analysis Tool." It
allows you to enter the utility data in any order, and works whether you
have 0, 1, or 2 bills in a given month.

A side note: ECAM, mentioned on the same page, will be improved and updated
to Excel 2007 in early 2010.

William E. Koran, P.E.

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LIke the Phantom of the Opera.."A mystery never fully explained.."

I have performed Daylighting savings EEMs in eQuest, where one places a sensor in the space, one deliniates a minimum footcandle requirement, and runs a Parametric run to determine how much lighting energy may be saved.

What is NOT clear to me is how eQuest determines what the inital footcandle level is. It obviously knows the lighting fixture height (Ceilling or syspended) and the geometry of existing windows, etc. But I cannot find where the information lies that says "eQuest assumes so many lumens/watt of certain lighting."

Can anyone "ILLUMINATE" me, please?

Hope all had a great Christmas.

John Aulbach

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My guess is that the tool assumes the lighting wattage that you have
gives the amount of footcandles specified. If 50% of this is from
daylight, then remaining is from 50% of the installed lighting
(translating into 50% wattage usage).

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The DOE2 help files suggest, if not directly, that the sensor you are
placing is measuring ONLY "illuminance due to daylight," in isolation of
any electrical lighting in the project. When you define a "target"
illumation level (say 30fc) at a specific point/orientation, that sensor
will plot the daylight measured in the same vector against a curve
(specified when you select dimming control options) to determine a
factor to apply to the zone's Lightig Watts/SF.

To my knowledge, eQuest in no manner whatsoever is attempting to perform
the operations of photometric software (AGI32/Visual/LightPRO/etc).


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