Making best use of custom footprint and zones in eQuest

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I'm new to eQuest and want to model a complex factory. Decided to build a
custom footprint with custom zones using Schematic Wizard. In the 3D view,
I have only a few walls showing. I'm not sure how these walls got entered,
and I do not know how to add the missing walls (internal and external). The
Schematic Wizard doesn't have any screens for adding walls and the Detailed
Interface appears to only be for editing existing details. Can someone

Thanks in advance,

Tom Sherman

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I am guessing you built a custom footprint & zones by importing a CAD file &
tracing over it. If not, do that. You can refer to eQuest's help menu for
guidance on this.

Make sure that you save your drawing as AutoCAD 2000/2004.
By default, eQuest identifies all the lines drafted (traced) while
customizing "footprint" as external walls.
All polygons drafted (traced) while customizing the zones will be taken as
rooms. Thus, any wall with zones on either side will become an internal
wall. Note that only the part of a line with zones on either side will be an
internal wall, rest will be external by default.

I suggest you to check your customized footprint & zones for missing lines.

Hope this helps!

Surabhi Joshi

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If the boundaries of your zones are within 1' of the boundaries of your
footprint then eQUEST creates and exterior wall. Otherwise, it creates an
interior wall or no wall.

Adding walls is fairly easy -- its often best to copy another wall (right
click and the create another exterior wall) and then change the parent
space and set the reference vertex appropriately. If the wall is in the
wrong location, simply change the vertex reference until the wall "moves"
around to the right location.

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