Make-up air unit with sporatic schedule

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I'm modeling a high bay manufacturing facility for the purpose of the Energy
Efficient Commercial Building Tax Deduction. Baseline building must be modeled
to ASHRAE 90.1-2004, Appendix G.

The proposed building has constant volume heating/ventilating units with 100%
OSA. Additionally they have a make-up air unit, with heating, that only
operates when the doors are open and trucks are inside running and being

Can anyone give guidance on how to handle this type of system in eQUEST, since
eQUEST will only allow one HVAC system per zone? Also I'd need the operation
schedule for this unit to be different than the HVAC op hours for the rest of
the building.

Also per 2004 ASHRAE, this must be System 5, VAV with cooling. So when I
model the proposed building, I'll need the system to be constant volume with
cooling, which will probably cause problems with the energy use relative to
baseline. Can the proposed building air distribution system be VAV, with
cooling and heating at the AHU, for example?

Thank you,Pete

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