Loop to Loop HP Modeling help!

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Hi all,

I am seeking advice on how to model the following system in eQuest.
Any inputs are appreciated.

The primary system consists of 2 electric chillers, which supply
chilled water to cooling coils for space cooling. Because this
building is Lab Building, water-to-water heat pump is used to supply
hot water for domestic hot water. The water-to-water heat pump uses
the return chilled
water as heat source, thus reducing the energy consumption of the chillers.

Can this system be modeled in eQuest? I tried loop-to-loop heat pump system
in eQuest, but realized that the loop-to-loop heat pump system can only use
lake/well as heat resource (is this correct?), and I could not figure out a
way to couple the return chilled water loop with the heat pump system.

Thanks so much.


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