Looking for Energy Modeling Consultant to evaluate four elementary school designs

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My department is interested in hiring an energy modeling consultant to model four elementary school designs for the purpose of evaluating the relative performance of these designs. The four designs were created by four different architectural firms who
are involved in a competition which will result in only three designs being retained for future construction. My preference is for a consultant experienced in using e-Quest. The intent is to base this analysis around the DOE-2.2 engine. No firm
currently employed by or listed on Clark County School District engineering lists will be considered.

If you fit the description, please email me your company's qualifications, experience (especially with e-Quest) etc. to: "tdstrucely at interact.ccsd.net". I intend to choose up to three firms from resumes and proceed to a RFQ which will contain specifics
on this modeling project. This does not require a fancy, customized response. Basic information on education, certifications and experience should be issued on letterhead. Customer references are required with e-Quest projects preferred. Please
forward your qualifications NLT Friday, June 11 to the email address.


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