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Hello All,

Sorry, if my query is not relevant to this community.

I am a graduate from architecture, planning to go for LEED AP Exam. I would
like to know the details about the exam and some reference material for the
preparation, if available for the same.

I would appreciate if anyone can guide me in providing web references,
links, pdfs, etc.

Thanks in Advance



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I assume you are taking the exam for new construction (NC)? If so, all
you really need is the reference guide. There are a bunch of standards
referenced in the guide (and the test), but all you need to know for
the test are the applicable standards' names & numbers (sort of
telling, isn't it?). If you know this reference guide, you will pass
the test.

- Rob

The guide can be purchased here:

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Also, it is important to know details about the administrative process! For
example, the cost of registering a LEED project, who should fill out which
credit templates, why design credits should be submitted prior to
construction, etc. I got LEEDPass by Shawn Shahfar, but it was filled with
small mistakes. I'd agree all you really need is the reference guide, if you
study it thoroughly.

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I think the reference guide is quite helpful, but just too much information. I would recommend you read the posters in the ARE forum, where a lot of LEED exam information will be posted and discussed. And, maybe some online sample exams can also help you. But you need to pay for them.

In general, I think the best way is to read thoroughly the reference guide and summarize the most important points from that book. Then memorize them and take several sample exams. If you can get 70% correct in those exams, you are ready to take the real one.

Good luck!
Zhuolun Chen

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