Last call! TRAINING: DOE2.3 and eQuest New Features

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I am offering a half-day training on the forthcoming eQuest/DOE-2 release
at the ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference on the morning of
Tuesday, September 26. This release will include many new features,
including dedicated outside air systems, variable refrigerant flow systems,
and new sizing capabilities.

I will provide guidelines for effective use of the features listed above
along with sample inputs. I will also provide a workbook tool for
developing design day weather from standard 8760 weather data.

Note that you can sign up for the workshops independently, even if you are
not attending the conference.

More info can be found here:

Hope to see you all there!

Doug Maddox, PE

Maddox Energy Consulting

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Any word on when this new eQuest might 'hit the street' for general use?

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