Lake/Well Issues

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Hello Equest Users,

I am currently working on a system that draws treated water from a waste water treatment plant to provide water directly to the Heat Pumps.

I have tried to implement a lake/well loop that provides all the Airside systems with its needs, but its proving to be difficult. The water-cooled condensers from the airside systems require a condenser/chilled water loop to draw their water from, and once the CW loop is created, there is a requirement for a chiller to reach this demand.

In the end, I am applying components that are not in the proposed design in order for it to work, and I would like to resolve this issue. A colleague said to go back into the wizard mode and to just implement a ground source loop, but that goes againts the fact that the water is coming from a lake.

Appreciate any help,

Scott Ghomeshi

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