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To all:

Does anyone know how to print a report or summary of all the input data?
I am creating a comparison between a few different programs (HAP,
eQUEST, EnergyPro, Trace700) and I am wanting to make sure I have input
all the same data. If anyone knows how to print off a summary of the
inputs please let me know.


Christine Gries

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I do not think there is a time-efficient/clean way (like a
summary/report) to print eQuest input parameters (for
loads/capacities/what-have-you). When comparing inputs from other
programs such as HAP/Trace, I tend to print their respective reports and
use my computer screen to cross-reference the eQuest inputs.

Note that in some cases, it may be handy to know that you can select
cells in the spreadsheet views (in detailed mode), press ctrl+c, and
then paste into an excel spreadsheet. This is useful for quick calcs
determining overall LPD's, area sums, and so on...


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Couldn't you just print your .inp deck? or the .bdl deck which has even more
information. You could edit out the stuff you don't want, like polygons,
etc. and leave the stuff you are interested in.


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