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I'm conducting some what of an experiment in the social networking we all
engage in through these mailing lists. I hypothesize that if we had a
library of eQUEST models available for anyone to download and comment on
then eventually there would be peer-reviewed, tried and tested templates for
various system and use types we could agree on and refer to.

I will continue to update a library of .inp and .pd2 files for a few months
to test out how useful such a library may or may not be. I have started the
library with a test model you can try to download here:


Arpan Bakshi

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Hey Arpan, sample input files are a great idea. Could you post these the
Onebuilding Wiki , perhaps with
a narrative? If you look in the "usersGuides" directory, Nick has posted a
great How-To lesson that might be appropriate for what you're trying to
accomplish. Someone correct me if I'm wrong but I think part of the vision
for the wiki is to have a more detailed/user friendly source of info for
commonly asked questions.

Anthony Hardman, PE

Anthony Hardman, PE

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Thanks Anthony. I was unaware this wiki was out there.

Is this something which will be just as open and as accessible as the
mailing list, or will it have a lengthy application and review process
like bembook, which has rendered the project idle?

The absence of formal process is key to the mailing list's success and
high volume.


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The wiki is intended to be open. Anyone can
contribute. The main rule is if you make a new page, that
you agree to "subscribe" to that page to monitor it for
changes. In addition, for now, lets limit the scope of the
Wiki to just the eQUEST portions.

It has not been well publicized to date because I was hoping
to have some more content available for its "grand opening".

To edit a page or create a new one you must register.

Everyone is welcome to join.


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Arpan raises a very good point - perhaps the key to allow an "open" source like this to thrive is to do away with the idea that there must be a stringent review process or formatting standard, at least at the onset until the user-ship has grown enough to accommodate that sort of thing without stifling the potential content-contributors.


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A similar effort is currently underway (managed by DOE and Federal Labs) called OpenEI, with a sister site called VIBE:

"Open Energy Information (OpenEI) is a knowledge-sharing online community dedicated to connecting people with the latest information and data on energy resources from around the world. Created in partnership with the United States Department of Energy and federal laboratories across the nation, OpenEI offers access to real-time data and unique visualizations that will help you find the answers you need to make better, more informed decisions. And because the site is designed on a linked, open-data platform, your contributions are both welcomed and encouraged.

Whether the information you're looking for is simple or complex - from energy basics to cutting-edge innovations, renewable energy incentives, datasets, and a host of other energy-related topics - OpenEI puts a wealth of information on the world's energy resources at your fingertips. And it's all free. "
For example, the E+ files used to generate savings predictions for General Merchandise and Grocery market segments have been uploaded here.

It's an "Angie's List" approach to crowd-sourcing where registered users can post content, rate content posted by others, and contribute. I have used the community editable rate repository ( in to help me gut-check atleast the generation side of my modeling tariffs.

Nothing to prevent users from uploading and sharing data sets (models?) of any sort to the community at large.

All the Best


Chris Balbach, PE, CEM, BEMP, CMVP, BESA

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Functioning much like the Wikipedia principle, "articles start as stubs, but
after many contributions, they can become featured articles. Once the
contributor has decided a topic of interest, they may want to request that
the article be written (or they could research the issue and write it

A beginner may upload an eQUEST model, and as it is reviewed and comments
are made, the model is continually refined through replacement by consensus
and more advanced modelers. Possibly even a suffix to indicate iteration,

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Arpan brings up a good point about the social networking among

It hasn't been used too much, but you can create a profile and "friend"
other energy-modelers at I am not so sure how interested
engineers are in socializing but the network is important for other things
(finding the right modeler, calling out clients who don't pay)

Also, forum posts are setup to eventually become a wiki but the best posts
need to be established by voting up and down (which also helps search the
best results). Users also earn points for posting to the forum and getting
positive votes (among other methods). Points earn you more privileges on the
site (become a moderator, write blogs, post downloads, basically do anything
on the site if you get enough points). Your posts get weighed based on your
number of points.

Everything on the site is free except the online courses (because of
registration expenses and site costs). The site is also open to host courses
for anyone wishing to create an online course (whether free or charged). The
job listings are also used as classifieds to find work or to find other
modelers to complete a contract.

If you're interested in learning how to use the site, check out this recent

Otherwise, if you are a modeler who wishes to get involved, contact me and I
can likely set you up to write articles, or basically do anything on the
site. If the site ever does turn a profit (say by charging for job
postings), there will be a profit share among all admins.

Thanks and Happy Valentine's day (don't forget!)


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