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For some reason, the .SIM file is not filled out from the model which is
running smoothly. At first it was producing a full .SIM file and all of
a sudden it isn't.

Can anyone let me know how to fix this issue.


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There are certain versions of DOE-2 that wrote some bogus characters
into a field of the .SIM file that, in turn, was causing the D2SimViewer
application to load only a small subset of .SIM reports into the
drop-down list of results reports.
Can you verify using another editor (WordPad, Word, ...) or even a
simple file size comparison that the .SIM file is in fact now being

If the file is indeed being truncated, then you should find errors
listed in the .SIM file that describe the problem that was encountered
by the simulation which resulted in the truncation.
If the file is not being truncated, but D2SimViewer is simply not able
to properly index all the reports, then I recommend you simply use
another editor to view that project's .SIM output.

- Scott

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