Impacts of the elections on the Energy Modeling/Analysis industry?

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Hi everyone,

Hope you guys are doing great. I want to start a conversation here
(basically to fill myself in with some info) to understand what impacts
will be there on the energy analysis/modeling industry after January 20.
Will there be less jobs in the market or things will come back to the
normal situation again? I remember seeing Job position on this eQuest group
every other day almost 6 months back (and before that) but now I don't see
any job postings here. In fact, there are very less jobs in the market
currently which makes me wonder if the energy efficiency industry already
reached it's peak (in terms of opportunities & jobs) & things will go down
from here?

I also want to apologize if this "out of the topic" question offends you &
brings another spam in your emails but I am just curious here. Thanks,

- Deepak V.

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