Impact of change in Thermostat Set-point on energy consumption

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Can any one throw some light on effect of change in thermostat set-point on
energy consumption. There is one research paper by Jin Woo Moon & Seung-Hoon
Han named "Thermostat strategies impact on energy consumption in residential
buildings", which shows the amount of heating and cooling energy for
different set-point temperature.

Does any one knows about any other similar kind of studies. We are trying

1.Check, what is the base line for energy consumption at different
set-points. and
2.Cross-check, that which of our two models (one is Equest and other in E+,
which are consistent in all important inputs) is giving comparable results
with similar research studies done hitherto.

Looking forward for your valuable insight.

Thanks & regards,

Vaibhav Jain

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Hi Vaibhav,

I'd like to offer a few cautions:

"All important inputs" implies there is a category of inputs which are
"not important" in both eQuest and E+. I don't take any issue with the
notion, but unless your building(s) involve systems striking at either
engine's fundamental limitations, any major differences in your models'
reported behavior almost assuredly stems from such inputs that you have
not made consistent (i.e. the defaults).

You might want to re-characterize your query as trying to:

1. First, determine which set of "not important" defaults (eQuest or E+)
is doing a better job of matching existing research applicable to your
project. Then,

2. Determine the effects of varying thermostat setpoints.

If that's correct, then you should be describing your modeled
building(s) further to find appropriate research to reference/validate.
If it's a series of residential homes, it won't help you much to find
research exploring thermostat settings for industrial manufacturing
facilities, for example.

It would probably also be worthwhile to specify whether you're looking
for thermostat research based on "real-world" measurements/data and/or
based on predictive models, based on your personal intents.


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