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Hi fellow eQuest users,

How do I specify the Hours for the indoor air heating/cooling to be on/off

1) For example: The system is only on (to cool building) between 3PM --> 10 PM to cool the room to 76F...any other times the system shuts off (even if outside is extremely hot heat just builds up indoor until "on MODE" during the times specified).


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What I sometimes do is enter the actual HVAC schedule under the building operation schedule in the DD wizard. If other parameters such as occupancy or lighting vary from the HVAC schedule, I adjust those from screen 16 of the wizard by selecting the box at the lower right with the 3 dots in it. Remember to select from the drop down menu (the upper left from the screen that pops up when you select the box with the 3 dots) to get all the other profiles. Also you'll have to go through each day of the week and holidays.

Another option is to go into detail edit mode and change the daily schedules for cooling and fan operation.

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