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Dear Sirs,
I am a new user of eQUEST and I am responsible to create the baseline for a
project. The HVAC system which I have to install is the system 6 Packaged
VAV with PFP Boxes is the Pkgd Var Vol the correct choice in eQUEST? Under
the Cooling tab the Cooling Capacity-Cooling Source choice is deactivated
and so I cant select the electric DX, what can I do for this?
Thank you in advance.


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In a packaged var volume system, eQuest assumes the cooling source is electric DX. You don't get any choice, but since it is already the thing you want that's fine.

Note if you wanted to use chilled water as the cooling source you'd have to use a different system type - built-up VAV.

Hope that helps.


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I may be off target, but it sounds like you may want to go to "Detailed Data
Edit" where those inputs are allowed. Make sure, though, that you complete
as many inputs as you can under "Wizard Data Edit" before you switch AND
save a copy of the Wizard version. There is no going back. Here is a screen
shot of where these buttons are located:

Good luck!

Jeff Ross-Bain, PE, LEED AP BD+C, BEMP

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I think this is what you want. Under the Air-Side System Type, select from the
drop down menus:

Cooling: DX Coils
Heating Source: Electric Resistance
System Type: Packaged DX Parallel Fan-Powered VAV with Elec Reheat


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