HVAC air side system

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I am working on a project where fan cool units are used but I cant find how
to insert number of fcu's in equest SD wizard

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SD wizards don't give you much control over system types/quantities. I think by default they'll define each system you define as singular ("per site/shell").

DD wizards permit you to define multiple shells and custom zones equal to the actual quantity of zones, and then you have the option to specify "system per zone" or "system per shell" as needed to generate the correct quantity of systems out of the wizards. DD wizards also allow you to account for multiple system types and to specify singular (qty 1) systems "per site" as needed.

In either case, you can always correct the model post-wizards in detailed mode as well.

In general, I recommend starting most models with the DD wizards, especially as you are first becoming familiar with eQuest. The benefits of added simplicity/quickness afforded by SD wizards come alongside many such limitations that you won't be able to realize before you know what can be done in the DD wizards.

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