How Many HVAC Systems?

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Hi all,

I'm really struggling to decide how many systems I need to model. I'd
very much appreciate it if anyone can help me out with this please.

Basically, the high rise building I'm trying to model has a set of
chillers and boilers providing the chilled and hot water to a number of
systems VAV, Chilled Beams and Desk cooling, trench heating and AHUs.

My question is do I define each system separately in the DD wizard. Say
in the Air-Side HVAC Systems I create System 1 as VAV System, System 2
as Chilled Beams System and System 3 as Desk Cooling, etc.... OR should
I model the HVAC systems based on the areas it's serving. What if the
areas have different design requirements (i.e. temperature setpoints).

Also how about single zones with multiple systems (i.e. VAV with say
desk cooling). Since eQuest doesn't allow multiple systems in a single
zone I have no idea how to model such a case.

Look forward to hearing your comments.

Many thanks,


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