How to make weather file instead of using TMY2

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Hi everyone,

Could I ask, how to make the weather file in eQUEST?

Say, I want to simulate a house energy consumption in the last year, under
last year weather condition, but not the typical weather data.

How could I make the weather bin file by my own data?

Thank you.

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For an EPW I came up with the procedure below, (red for what you might do
Also you might look into who can create a
custom weather file for $75..

*Custom EPW

1. Download closest EPW file
2. Run and export INMBY (replace this step with your weather data)
3. Use weather file converter change EPW to CSV
4. Open CSV in Notepad ++
5. Remove header
6. Save as text file
7. Open in excel as comma delimited
8. Cut wind column, and place into custom excel sheet for editing this
file type
1. (replace this step with your weather data)
9. Change all hours of the year by month to INMBY extrapolated data that
have monthly averages over cut in speed.
1. (replace this step with your weather data)
10. Export as CSV that says nameEPW.CSV
11. Open EPW.CSV with notepad++
12. Replace header with custom header
13. Save as EPW.CSV
14. Open in weather converter, convert to EPW
15. Open new EPW file in weather file converter and generate stat file
16. Save .STAT file, and .EPW file with same name, and place in same
17. Open weather file in EP launch
18. Open IDF design conditions file in IDF editor, replace data in
Windspire.IDF with design conditions from Weather file converter GENERATED
1. (replace this step with your weather data)
19. Edit IDF in text editor, to reflect the location
20. Run simulation.


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