How to edit polygon in DI ?

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I have a smaller footprint on the second flr & I am trying to change the 1st
fl roof shape to match.
In Detailed Edit mode, using the component tree & the 3d view I have
identified the roof sections that need changing & their respective polygons.
I open up the polygon's properties but cannot delete the unwanted vertices -
how are these changes supposed to be made?

Mike Diess, PE, LEED AP

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Hi All,

I have a residential (commercial) project that has large, multi room
residential units. Appendix G baseline calls for packaged terminal heat pump
units (PTHP) for this case. However, when I model these, the supplemental
heat energy use gets outrageously high. When I model packaged heat pump
units (residential) the supplemental heat consumption goes to a reasonable

Any idea why the PTHPs would have such an effect or how I might investigate?
Could it be that these units are primarily designed for one small space? I
have reviewed just about all the QC checks I can think of.

Many thanks,

Jeffrey G Ross-Bain, PE, LEED

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