How Does the Chiller Water Economizer Work by Itself?

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Everyone, I am told that the water economizer function attached to the PVVT and other HVAC systems isn't supported by eQuest anymore although it does appear to work and produce reasonable answers. Is this correct? If so is there some other way of introducing a water economizer to a zone for cooling purposes? I have attached a *.inp file with a water tower, condenser loop, water economizer chiller, chw loop attached to a SZRH system in an interior zone with a 10 w/sqft process load and an 80 F cooling setpoint. It is computer server room. I want this cooling system to cool the interior space as much as possible but I can't figure out to get the loops to even run, let alone cool. The error message that shows up is:

[cid:image003.jpg at 01D35D68.35D91F00]

If there is no regular chiller, only the water economizer, does anybody know what condenser, chilled water loop and water economizer parameters you have to set to get this to work? Surely the model should run and cool the zone somewhat?

And can someone tell me why the water economizer function is not supported? It seems to work.
I would really like to hear from the folks who supports the eQuest software because I find all this very confusing.

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