How to change Ground Floor Exposure in DD mode?

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I am in the detailed mode and i want to change the Ground floor exposure to
' Semi-heated Space ' which initially in the Wizard mode I had defined as
exposed to 'over conditioned space(adiabatic)'.

While making this change was pretty straight forward in the Wizard mode, am
unable to find any option to do this in the DD mode.


Shubha Mohunta

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First, delete the underground surface that is changing. simplest way is to
find it in the component tree on the left and "right click" and select
delete. Then click on the space that you are adding the exposure to and
right click it and select "Create Child Component" and then "Create Child
exterior wall." Now this isn't an exterior wall, but this is what we want.
So name your wall something, usually i pick something to do with the space
to identify it, and then select "create from scratch" for your creation
option. Next, select your wall construction if you have developed it
already. If you haven't you can create it and assign it to the new exposure
later. Location for your case would be bottom, so go ahead and select that.
Now you are done!

Hope this helps!


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