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Dear e-Quest users,

We have received a review comment for one of our projects stating: From the
simulation report provided (SV-A System Design Parameters report), it does
not appear that the Baseline fans in parallel VAV fan-powered boxes are
sized for 50% of peak primary airflow and modeled with 0.35 W/cfm (0.74
W/L/s) fan power and a minimum flow setpoint of 30% of peak (or minimum
ventilation rate) per G3.1.3.14.

As required in the comments, the minimum flow setpoint and required peak
primary air flow , 0.35 W/cfm were put as inputs in e-quest, however despite
making changes, the fan power has not shown any changes whereas the
Ventilation Fan energy consumption increases. I have attached snap shots of
the input data and no change in the output tab.

Kindly help regarding this and where i am going wrong.

Thanking you in advance.


Thanks and Regards ,

Pranati Shroff & Namrata Dhamankar

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Good morning Namrata,

It appears that the Baseline HVAC system is either System 6 or System 8 with PFPB (parallel fan powered boxes). In eQuest, these two system types cannot be modeled using the Pkgd Var Vol or the Variable Air Volume system types; i.e. PFPBs must be modeled as Powered Induction Units.

The 0.35 W/cfm, 50% peak design , and min 30% are then modeled on the Airflow tab at the zone level, not the system (AHU) level in the Zone Terminal and Fans data entry boxes. (Note that these data entry boxes are grayed out for all system types except Powered Induction Units).

When properly modeled, the 0.35 W/cfm and min 30% will show up in the Fan (kW) and Minimum Flow (FRAC) columns on the SV-A reports.

Hope this helps. Thanks, and have a nice day.

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