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Hello Everyone,

We are in the process of modeling a 10-story residential brick tower for the
Tarrytown Municipal Housing Authority. They have two old Eastman Boilers
that burn #2 fuel oil and serves both space heating (through a steam loop)
and domestic hot water (steam coils). We can't seem to figure out how to
apply #2 Fuel oil to the boilers in our eQuest model. In the Domestic Hot
Water Properties window the only options for DHW type are 1) gas, 2)
electricity and 3) heat pump. The boiler in the diagram for space heating
does not seem to have any options to apply a "type". Does anyone know how to
model this? Basically we are just looking for a simple way for the model to
recognize that the boilers are burning *OIL* and not Natural Gas and have
the reports reflect this consumption. Thanks.


Vaughn Slovak

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In eQUEST under the Utility & Economics tab you can set up your fuel meter (detailed interface) to use fuel oil, lpg or some other fuel sources. Make sure you set your thermal value per unit.

Vikram Sami, LEED AP

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