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Hi Everyone,

I've got an issue trying to run DOE-2.2 models from the command prompt using the batch processing script. The .inp file is rather large (about 47,000 lines) and I'm hoping to get the simulations to run a little faster by bypassing the eQuest interface. I'd like to thank Ben Brannon and Joe Huang for this thread (http://energy-models.com/forum/run-equest-file-command-line-doe2) which helped me get started.

I'm able to run the doe22.bat script, but I'm getting an error when the script runs DOEBDL. When I open up the BDL file, I get a series of errors in the exterior construction layers which say "Symbol Previously Undefined", which seem to be in reference to the materials which compose the layers. However, the layers all come directly from the DOE-2 library files.

Is there some reference to the library files I need to establish or have missed? Right now I have the .inp file in C:\doe22, the same directory as the doe22.bat file. I've attached the .inp file I'm trying to process, and below are excerpts from my command line and the BDL file generated when I executed the script.


**** Command Line Screen Shot ****
[cid:image001.png at 01D1600B.4EA889F0]

***** BDL File Error Text *****

* 235 * "H2Roof Cons Layers" = LAYERS
* 236 * MATERIAL = ( "Blt-Up Roof 3/8in (BR01)", "Polyurethane 1 1/2in",
*ERROR********************************************************** ====================== ******SYMBOL PREVIOUSLY UNDEFINED
* 237 * "Plywd 5/8in (PW04)", "H2Roof Cons Mat 4 (31.52)" )
* 238 * ..
* 1 * $LIBRARY-ENTRY Plywd 5/8in (PW04) MAT Plywood
* 2 * $Plywood, 5/8 Inch
* 3 * TYPE=PROPERTIES TH=0.0521 COND=0.0667 DENS=34.0 S-H=0.29 ..
*ERROR*****MATERIAL Layer position number 3 is incomplete or undefined

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Try copying the eQUEST library file (from \Documents\eQUEST 3-65 Data\DOE-2\Usrlib.dat) to the DOE2 directory (C:\doe22\exent\USRLIB.dat).

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I copy all of text from eQ_Lib.dat into USRLIB.dat. The Usrlib.dat in my eQuest installation is empty.

If you search eQ_Lib.dat you will find ?Polyurethane 3in (IN46)? ? the first material that throws an error in your .inp file.

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Very likely because you are using the doe library and not equest's

I posted something a while back with a modified bat script that allows you to choose your equest version.

Try and find it in the archive if you can't let me know and I'll find it next time I'm on a computer

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Looks like there?s a solution.

At first, I tried copying the text replacing the text in the usrlib.dat folder in the ?\doe22 directory with the text from the eQ_Lib.dat file in the ?\eQuest 3-64 Data\DOE-2 folder. That didn?t change anything. Eventually I found out that the library entries triggering errors in the BDL file were not present in the BDLLIB.dat file. However, they were in the original userlib.dat file. I copied the library entries for the missing components (which were some construction materials, a water heater performance curve, and all the hourly report library entries) into the BDLLIB.dat file, and the simulation ran without a hitch:

[cid:image001.png at 01D1602A.7AA6CDE0]

I?m not sure what the DOE2 scripts are doing with the library files, since the same entries are missing in the eQuest folder?s BDLLIB file, and yet running the simulation in eQuest works perfectly. Since the simulation now executes from the command line successfully, the problem is solved for the moment, though I don?t feel any less confused about what?s going on. And unfortunately, the simulation doesn?t appear to run significantly faster, since the total elapsed time was still over 4 minutes.

Still, thanks for all your help and suggestions. Despite my ongoing confusion, I feel like I?ve learned a lot about what goes on behind the scenes in DOE2. And if anyone has any insights as to why appending missing library entries to the BDLLIB file fixed this run, I?d love to hear them.


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The answer to your question is simple. The BDL error message says that it couldn't find
the material "Polyurethane 1 1/2in" in the BDLLIB.DAT file. So, when you added that
material to BDLLIB.DAT, the program then ran. Things are actually more transparent now
with DOE-2.2, compared to DOE-2.1E that I use. In DOE-2.1E, BDLLIB.DAT is a binary file,
i.e., it's not humanly readable. In DOE-2.2, BDLLIB.DAT is a straight text file, so you
could actually open that file with a text editor to see if indeed the missing library item
is there or not.


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