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Please join the webinar here on Dec 12, 11A:

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Reshma Singh serves as Program Director of the tech-to-market IMPEL program
(, and previously led the Department of Energy?s Center for
Building Energy Research and Development ( at the Lawrence
Berkeley National Laboratory. She brings over 10 years of experience
advancing urban sustainability, cleantech innovation, and working with
complex international ecosystems in United States, India, and Singapore.
Reshma?s work lies at the intersection of design and technology of smart
buildings and cities, with a focus on energy, data analytics and UX, and
IoT sensors and controls. Reshma is the author of Building Innovation: A
Guide For High-Performance Energy Efficient Buildings in India, and
contributor to Mutations: Harvard Project on the City. She serves on the
Telecommunications Industry Association?s (TIA) Smart Buildings and Power
and Energy group, and is on the Advisory Council for the State Department?s
international Tech Women program. LinkedIn:

*Abstract: *

For an energy engineer, consultant, technologist, academic, or anyone
interested in the buildings sector in India, the explosive growth in energy
use and trends in new construction provide a fascinating opportunity for
climate change mitigation. In this talk, Reshma will present transformative
tools, technologies and approaches that can accelerate high-performance
next-generation buildings in India. She will introduce topics such as-
What is a holistic decision framework for a developer-owner?s
energy-related investments, what are effective energy targets and
performance goals for architects and sustainability managers to pursue, and
what types of software tools, building products and policies help enable
short and long terms benefits? She will offer inventive combinations of
building wisdom and technology innovation that have been validated through
building energy simulation, case studies and expert opinion. These are
based on findings from a five year US-India research program

funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Indian Government, and can
be found in the new book Building Innovation

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