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Hi all,

I'm still working on my parametric runs, and I came across something funny: When I change the frame width in my parametric run, the size of the window increases.

I would have expected that by changing the frame width, my rough opening stays the same size, and my glass area decreases to make room for the frame. Instead, my glass area stayed the same and the frame was placed around the glass- which ended up decreasing my total Wall Area (from LV-D details of exterior surfaces). Window+Wall Area stays the same, which makes sense, but now I have a greater proportion of fa?ade that is frame+window...

I tried editing my parametric run using: Window/Basic Specifications/Height and /Width - and set them equal to the height/width of the existing window minus the frame width increase (times 2 for frame on all sides). Unfortunately, the resultant window area was still different from my baseline.

Has anyone else come across this? How did you solve this issue?

And as a quick backstory- the existing "window" has no visible frame- the glass sits in a precast-concrete frame with a gasket all the way around. So thermally, I've taken this to be frameless. The retrofit window would have a frame above the concrete, as the existing system cannot accept an Insulated Glazing Unit - which is what we would use in the retrofit.


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