Floor-Ceiling vs Floor-Floor Error

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Hello All,

I have solved the roof pitch problem I had earlier just by making both wide ends hip ends and eQuest fixed itself. However, I am now modeling a garage abutting the house which has a sloped roof. I specified that the garage is 1 storey and enter 5.083 ft for the floor to floor height and 5.083 for the floor to ceiling height. This is my roof level. Every time I try to progress I get this error message:

"ERROR: Value being checked = 5.083. Floor-to-Floor Height must be >= Floor-to-Ceiling Height

ERROR: Value being checked = 5.083. Floor-to-Ceiling Height must be <= Floor-to-Floor Height"

I don't understand why I am getting it as they are equal, even eQuests help window specifies that if it is a 1 storey building then floor to floor and floor to ceiling heights should both equal the roof level. Even if I change the floor to ceiling height to be say 5, I get the error again.

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