Fans in the proposed and baseline design

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Hello, everybody!

I am new in energy model design and need your help.

I am doing energy model for the one story building that includes offices and
a bus maintanance garage.
Geothermal, radiant, and OA dedicated systems provide cooling and heating
for offices, also ventilation and heating for garage. OA dedicated system
with heat pumps is used for the offices, and 100% make-up air gas-fired
unit, radiant heating,and gas-fired unit heaters are used for the bus
For the Baseline design I have chosen system #4 because main system is
electrical. So I have picked constant - volume single zone systems for every
thermal block, two air-cooled air-to-air heat pump plants, and two heating
plants with electrical resistance.

In the proposed design I have hydronic in heat pump fans as primary fans,
FC Centrifugal fans as system exhaust fans,and VAV/Inlet vn fan as the
optional ventilation for offices.

My questions are

1. Do I have to use the same type of fans for the Baseline design?
2. If I mark the box ECB/PRM rules to fan sizing in energy parameters, do I
have to use the same energy rates for the baseline design as for the
proposed design, and the system calculate fan power automatically?
3. How is it correct to show radiant heating in the proposed design? I've
added extra back-up boiler for the ground source heat pump plant . Is it

Thank you,



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