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I am Modeling the retirement center.

1. The main floor common areas are served by 41 @ 2 pipe fan-coil
units spread throughout. The outdoor air requirement for each zone being
served by the fan-coil units is fed from a roof mounted ERV unit with
built-in gas fired heating and DX cooling. Further, the outdoor air is
pre-conditioned by the ERV unit and fed directly into the return ducts of
the individual fan-coil units.

Question 1. We would prefer to individually zone the
main floor based on the 'space use'. What is the proper way to set-up the
outdoor air portion of the program to allow for preconditioned Outdoor air
and take advantage of the energy savings we will get from the ERV?

Question 2. If the zones throughout the main floor
are not separated by solid walls, How will we create the partitions between

Is there a way to do it?

Joe Chan, B.A.Sc.

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