Fan Powered VAV in PVAVS systems

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Is there a reason why you cannot define in "Detailed Edit" mode (or in
the Wizard mode for that matter) a fan powered terminal unit with a DX
VAV unit?

The only way I have found that you can model a fan powered terminal unit
is with a VAVS system (which requires a chilled water cooling coil).
The selections for a fan powered unit are greyed out if you select a
PVAVS system.

Any help would be appreciated.


Andy Phelps, PE, LEED AP

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What a way to end a year (besides all the other stuff going on in the
world). Struggling through eQuest once again.

Has anyone really tried to work the cogeneration (generator) portion of
eQuest? Although cogen doesn't pay back like it used to, I deemed it
something I should reacquaint myself to during the current lull in

I took a small hotel with default profiles and loads. I also ran the
same building with a 400 kW gas fired reciprocating generator (400 kW
pulled from the air). I wanted to optimize the generator size and/or
time of operation for this mythical building.

For the base case, I can develop the 8,760 hours of electric usage in
hourly day and transfer this to an Excel spreadsheet. This gives me a
Histogram (I believe) of the intensity of load for each hour of the day
(365 1 AMs, 365 2 AMs, etc). This used to be a DOE-2.1E standard
printout, but has disappeared from Version 2.2.

I then tried to find a hourly parameter that shows me either the
generated electric load, or the electric load remaining after cogen is
applied. I cannot seem to find such a parameter.

Has anyone else played with cogen in eQuest?

My thanks to all who have contributed to this Forum over the years. As
they say "Keep those cards and letters coming". I read all posts. I just
cannot respond answers for them all (assuming I HAD an answer). But
something is always learned.

Keep 'em flyin..


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