Fan power counts twice

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Dear friends,

We are facing a problem in eQuest where we feel the model is counting the
fan power twice. Take a look.

In our model we are facing one problem that in output report under SV-A
command, the fan power is 1.298 KW where as in the same report under SS-H
command the fan power is 2.597 KW which is twice than that of the first one.
This problem is occurring in all systems. Due to this problem we are getting
double fan energy savings in ASHRAE model which is wrong. I have tried a lot
but could not find any solution.

In this model (which is a LEED baseline ASHRAE model) we calculate the SF
CFM using a kw/cfm multiplier which is typically around 0.00077 as per 90.1.
You will notice that 1.298 kW divided by 1665 CFM is which is 0.00077 but
somehow it counts the kW twice under SS-H.

Your help would be appreciated.


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