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Can anyone share their experiences concerning the SimBuild conference? The
next version of it is planned for Berkeley, CA this summer:


I create and run energy models in eQuest for a firm that does LEED
consulting. I?ve already attended training put on by the Energy Center of
Wisconsin (which was superb). I?m interested primarily in events and
resources that will improve my productivity. Would SimBuild be useful in
this regard?

I?d love to hear your thoughts!

Steve Samenski PE, LEED AP

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I'm modeling a courthouse and am trying to simulate different energy
conservation measures (ECMs). One such ECM is the preheating of domestic
hot water by capturing condensate return energy. Has anyone ever
successfully modeled this in eQuest? If you have any advice, I'm all

Thank you,

Jeremy Plitt

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Hello Steve,

Yes, SimBuild is definitely useful.

The SimBuild2008 conference in Berkeley promises to have everything and more
than the previous two successful ones at Colorado (2004) and MIT (2006).
There are about 37 peer-reviewed technical presentations scheduled, and in
addition to U.S. and Canadian authors, there are 10 or so coming from abroad
from countries such as the UK, Brazil, China, France, and Germany. So, we
will be hearing about a broad spectrum of simulation activities.

Check out registration details at: http://www.ibpsa.us/simbuild2008.

Best regards,
Larry O. Degelman, P.E.

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